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Council Priorities: Help us decide what's most important
Council Priorities: Help us decide what's most important
Within each outcome area, select the priority you think the City should put the most resources towards.
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The City of Kansas City, Mo., City Council adopted a strategic planning document of Council priority outcomes and priority statements during Business Session on Thursday, Jan. 10, 2014. This document is the result of collaboration among the City Manager’s Office, Mayor’s Office and City Council, and it marks the first time Council priorities have been connected to specific and measurable performance indicators.

“This is a big step forward in the City’s ongoing efforts toward transparency and performance management,” said Mayor Pro Tem Cindy Circo. “It is a best practice to align strategic goals with performance measures, and we look forward to measuring the progress of our priorities this year.”

The City Council identified 23 priority statements within six broader categories, plus one cross-cutting priority focused on customer service, citizen engagement and communication. Each priority is accompanied with one or more performance indicators that are used to track progress. The City’s monthly KCStat meetings discuss performance management reports addressing each priority outcome's progress throughout 2013. A schedule of meetings is available at www.kcmo.org/kcstat.

The City Council priority outcome categories are as follows:

- Public Safety
- Planning, Zoning & Economic Development
- Healthy Communities
- Neighborhood Livability
-Transportation & Infrastructure
- Finance & Governance

For a complete listing of all priorities within the categories, along with their specific performance indicators, please review Resolution No. [R-2013-00010], located online at www.kcmo.org/clerk and www.kcmo.org/kcstat.

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*Relating to Question #5 Public Infrastructure – Ordinance #120814, ballot issue passed August 2012
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