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Dead Letter Office
Dead Letter Office
What ordinances or regulations would you suggest for repeal or modification to assist small business & entrepreneurship?

The Dead Letter Office is a tool enabling our customers to identify ordinances and regulations that are ineffectual, defunct in practice, stifle business growth, or have no practical application in today’s economy. The goal of this program is to promote entrepreneurship and small business growth, retain and attract businesses and eliminate barriers to employment while achieving public health and safety objectives. Kansas City is open for business!

Recognizing that the City of Kansas City, Missouri, is older than 150 years old and has dealt with many political, social, economic and environmental crises, we are now actively seeking to modify or repeal any ordinances or regulations that no longer have merit or practical application in today’s economy.

Through the efforts of the Special Committee on Small Business, the City Council has modified and repealed several ordinances to benefit small businesses and reduce barriers to employment.

Please submit your suggestions and we will include you in the discussion. City Council members, the City’s Business Process Management Team and KCBizCare Business Advocates will be involved in the review of suggested “dead letters.”

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