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Share Your Input for Proposed Animal Ordinance Changes
Share Your Input for Proposed Animal Ordinance Changes
We need your input for proposed animal ordinance changes.

Protecting the health and welfare of pets is a top-priority for the City. KCMO residents are being asked to give feedback on six proposed changes to the KCMO animal health code. An audit released last year concluded that the Animal Health and Public Safety Division (AHPS) can better achieve its goal to improve animal welfare and public safety by focusing more on education and field resolution, rather than code enforcement.

More than two thirds of animals impounded for cruelty-neglect violations in KCMO are not reclaimed by their owners. These owners, the audit states, might be empowered to break the cycle of neglect if they are educated on responsible pet ownership.

The City of Kansas City, Missouri invites residents you to weigh in on the pros and cons of an ordinance being developed to improve the way the City takes care of animals in distress.

Code modification recommendations will be submitted to the City Council and will follow the established process for ordinance changes, which includes opportunities for public comment and input.

THIS SURVEY IS NOW CLOSED If you have any questions, please Email us.
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